I've wanted my own website/blog for over 10 years, and now I finally have one! Yay!

It shouldn't take this long to build a simple static website, but I have perfectly valid reasons for it taking so long

  1. Arbitrary constraints
  2. The quest for perfection
  3. Procrastination

I put many arbitrary constraints on the website that ended up being road blocks and most of them ended up being removed/ignored/forgotten. The two that survive today are - purely static site, which is the oldest and no javascript, which is the newest.

Anywho, I could wax lyrical for pages about why I chose to have a static blog, without any javascript, built using a static site generator, and why I chose Zola as the static site generator, or why Cloudflare Page, and the journey to this particular iteration. But if I started to write about all of that, I would never finish. The first draft of this post was written over 4 months ago around the end of March. And it has still not been published. In that time, I have moved countries and started a new job.

So I will end this here, quickly, before I decide to make chages that will delay posting this for another 4 months or longer.